Asiatic lion, called Asian lions

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Lion in about 8 different types in the world, but the major species, there is a 2 Tremendous. That species Panthera leo melanochaita is not among the species Panthera leo leo.

Panthera leo leo heart Asian lions, Central African lion, The West African lion lion lion (North Africa) were involved. Lion Panthera leo melanochaita mind, Kate requires that includes the East African lion. All of the lion does not see is none other than India and African countries.

Until the 19th century, the Asian lion, Turkey Iran, Mesopotamia, before I found in the Indus river Narmada river. But since the 20th century Today, the Indian state, in Gujarati GIR found only in the forest again. Lion, it was almost all over India are no longer an Indian and colonial expansion was due to the killing of the British hunting losses. During the 19th century, British officials are about 300 Asian lion was shot and killed.

Its exclusive scientific name Panthera Leo persica. Currently, the number of animals still about 650 of the 2017 statistics. Asia, India’s largest fish species as lions contain . This can Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, Snow Leopard Inn gender-sensitive. Asian Indian lions, the lions Also called the Persian lion nature.

Asian lion, the size of the male body length of 5.5 feet to 8.2 feet are often from 4.6 feet to 5.7 feet, angry here. The male weighs up to 350 pounds from 420 pounds, are often up to 240 pounds from 260 pounds here. The male can be up to a height of about 4 feet and are about 3 feet available. Avoid pale gray, Pale sandy color all often occurs and black spots.

Like most African lion Asian lions are often grouped with all partner. Lion decision about the body of a male lion 5 often live alongside. When searching for prey not arrested soon.Asian lion can save a victim when the jaws of nails and nail his attacks until he was arrested and often bite. They also found a very rough tongue and the tongue of an animal carcass When victimize particularly useful. They, deer Mountain goats, Wild boars, Buffalo and many other animals and hunting nature.

The lions are usually 4 hours per day Active rest are sleeping, Sleep and ends there.

The 1-year-old male lion male lion growl begin more than a lion’s growl louder. Their mood is usually a roaring Hein Hein volume do they communicate with each other.

The group incorporated with the invasion is often attacked leader lion male won incorporated and usually a lion’s head. Their territory to growl, Code or scrape marks the urine and are often separated.

Asian lions are selected the most common animal mating season all year long. 100 days of pregnancy, often take up to approximately 120 children born when the lion 1 up to 6 bodies from birth by nature.

The best 11 holes of the eye does not see. Usually about 15 days, 1 month, usually run on. Customs in a team of kids to keep the lion. The 5-year-old adult male animals are 4 years of age.

Asian lion, the average life expectancy is between 16 up to 18 years. Shorter than male life expectancy. International Nature Conservation Group IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), the list of rare animals are running low on horsepower assigned to enter the Asian lion hunting is legal and protected.

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