Because of drought in a dam in Iraq is about 3400 years old, had come back to the old palace

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The water because of the drought in northern Iraq from going dry house building does not appear again. The experts surveyed about 3400 years old, this former palace building Kurdistan region in the Tigris river miles Sue’s found from the dam as well. These findings are excited researchers because this building is destroyed, an ancient empire Mittani empire and is still relevant.

Mittani Empire from 1500 BC in the Middle East in 1300 revealed had an empire. Empire’s capital will be the most successful time in the 14th century BC was strong on the river Washukanni city. Euphrates river ways, crying quietly Mittani Empire at the intersection with the host’s attack against the central been reduced strength and ultimately was to recruit a host empire’s territory.

Now, this former palace was found Mitani empire building, while a strong growth, he said. During short of the palace with the red and blue paint paintings found still intact surfaces. Palace here there have been known since 2010, but have been unable to learn because there is drought reduced the water from the dam, now have the opportunity to study the excavation fell.

“This discovery is among the most important discovery in this region is one of the findings,” Kurdish archaeologist Hasan Ahmed Qasim said. Hong palace were built far away from the river and 65 feet long. The walls were built with mud bricks is the era architectural sciences were documented.

Researcher at the University of Tübingen, Germany and the Middle East Studies Ivana Puljiz household name Kemune thickness of the walls of the palace were built of mud bricks, and up to 6.6 feet thick mass explained. There are some remaining walls are nearly 7 feet high, had built a multi-room split began to emerge.

In addition, between the ancient Syrian yen writing batch writing inscribed in cuneiform clay tablets found in 10 slices surfaces. What do you know how to write messages clay tablets and Germany to send a photo same. Mitani empire and related architectural, Business, Any administration can expect to find one of these.

Currently, researchers are working here as soon as possible, exploration and observation. This is because when the rising water can cover the location of the former palace.

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