Coming back into the art Watch Moh Moh Myint Aung and encourage conversation. The son is one of the simple, he said.

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Actor Academy Moh Moh Myint Aung, a dear Watch will repeat the work of art, I’m thrilled so on. Triumph also talk to media through prayer together.

We must pray the ‘S’. Because movies, Unlike the period between a short idea Wish you could penetrate. Old, his son faces a slippery idea. He was born to do this art human  ” called an event on July 5 at L’Oreal Paris said.

Photo: Moht Moht Myint Aung

Watch subtly child. The prison was told about the simple approach.

” Especially in the sister replied that he taught me what the letters, He said very little English. A good time, no matter what those radios. Serious hard, and if you go in this game a lot of news ” I continue to tell.

Photo: Moe Aung Yin

Moh Moh Myint Aung Watch for those who love the biological mother. Have you ever taken on a big movie together. 39 years. Then, former artistic landmark film include capital In 1985 the ” heart ” as a film and the Best Actress Award won the first Academy. Then, in 1989, ” will be strained from the film ” May ” in 1991 and ” film, The 1996 film ”” In April 2008, ” the crown of the gable than who owns film and best female lead.

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