Nine Nine thatched on the news about the rape, so I’m so sorry. Many artists with him and say I’m most sorry.

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Recently found on social network sites thatched report a rape, I’m so sorry. Many people feel insecure.

” If we hear now feel out of a single source. As he insecurity. In countries where the fraud, to be sure, sin This is the land, but the rule of law and to protect the security of  burden alone. The pillars have a grade, What I do not know how to rely on her. But does he want to end their own environment, My family, How do you make a little Let’s protect your style and # Actor99 ” out on July 5 to 8 hours, wrote on his Facebook page.

Thatched about rape, many of you are so sorry for the artist. Their social network page Facebook page, an Justice For Victoria Children Facebook Profile post. The current issue also artist singer being candid contribute.

Nine Nine with a family living in New York City, USA. If you back a break because of family and work of art. He film shoot as well, Another artistic and come back in the country only when work related issues.

Nine Nine couple married on 9 January 2019, life expectancy was 11 years of age.who initially entered into the art as a model. After that, TV advertising, Magazine covers, It was learned through journal and newspaper cover from fans. His  already more than 20 years.

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