Russia Unveils Snow Owl shape unmanned aircraft

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Russia in Moscow last month that international military technology are about 27,000 different types of weapons and vehicles to include Russian and international organizations have been revealed. Including a significant problem for Russia’s unmanned aircraft vehicle Owl is built like a cat.

Vehicles driving drone called the importance of today’s military technology sector worlds, as well as various countries have the technology produced by the various forms. Now, to give the name of Russia’s smaller Owl unmanned aircraft to detect enemy targets in the war up close to see the purpose of the production, he said. Owl shape so than the regular drone enemies wrong.

Owl unmanned vehicle that is designed for use in cold weather is the enemy plane times with that aim to detect and counter attack. Those drone drawing of the vehicle’s original design students Academy of Zhukovsky, Russian military experts group Innovation Technopolis ERA original design was built by designing additional hereby.

Owl unmanned vehicle, a snow owl slightly larger than the size of the wing, there is about 5 feet wide. Weighing about 11 pounds by the drone of the vehicle up to a distance of 12 miles, a person is able to control a 40-minute flight time.An army of enemy aircraft Gunnery include laser technology to target these vehicles can be the voices of the young bird. In addition to Russia Owl drone showing no Eagle unmanned vehicle to disclose the existence of a form.

Event Moscow is about 5 million square meters of spacious Patriot, it is the Russian organization in 1250, as well as international organizations in the park 0. Unmanned vehicles, Cobalt Technologies, The latest weapons, Military vehicles on display in this exhibition last June 25 was held on February 30th.

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