Thatched about rape daughter Victoria in street protests, they are among the actor myo san di kyaw and khine hnin wai were involved in the survey.

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Actor myo san di kyaw and khine hnin wai art about the two sisters of rape daughter Victoria to join protests. The demonstration was in Insein township demonstrating outside the offices of the CID.

” Another Victoria and prayerfully Juscite for Victoria mode to ensure competence ” out of the execution of the project on July 6 in the afternoon, more than 11 hours  wrote on its Facebook account. They were artists, Victoria Participate give surrounding people.

Thatched about rape, many of you are so sorry for the artist. Their social network page Facebook page, an Justice For Victoria Children Facebook Profile post. The current issue also artist singer being candid contribute.

current Single Mother helping keep the sole daughter, Jewel. With a little daughter doing the art work. myosandikyawis present in a soap film has.

The khine hnin wai fans called philanthropic princess. He himself said that the adoption of orphaned children currently is. Then, an adopted daughter, a legal provider.

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